Look 10 Years Younger with an Easy-to-Do Japanese Beauty Regimen

This is an all-natural face mask used by millions of Japanese women for generations.

Look 10 Years Younger with an Easy-to-Do Japanese Beauty Regimen

It uses three simple ingredients and will leave you with a much more youthful appearance.

Your skin can replenish itself much more easily and thoroughly when it has the nutrients it needs.

The ingredients you’ll need for this facial treatment are rice, honey, and milk.

The rice must be boiled first, but don’t discard the water.

You’ll need it for the rinse afterward. If you find that when you cook rice in water and you have no need to drain the rice before serving, add one to two additional cups of water before boiling the rice.


If you intend on boiling a small amount of rice just for this, start with about two cups of water and a tablespoon of rice.

When you have a tablespoon of boiled rice, add three tablespoons of milk and mix well.

When the rice and milk mixture has a creamy consistency, add a tablespoon of honey and continue mixing. This facial treatment contains the nutrients linoleic acid, squalene, vitamin E, and gamma oryzanol, all from the rice.

The first two are antioxidants and when applied directly to the skin, they are much more powerful than when eaten with a meal. This treatment hydrates your skin and also helps improve the circulation in your capillaries. Both lead to a healthier look and feel.

Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Your skin should be dry before application and not wet or damp. Massage well, and allow to dry for a bit. There is no need to wait for it to completely dry, as the honey prevents this. This is a moist treatment, not a drying one. When you have relaxed for a while, use the remaining, and now cooled, water that you boiled the rice into rinse your face.

The rice water also contains the antioxidants, further increasing the skin’s exposure to the helpful properties. Gently towel dry, and then examine yourself in the mirror. Applying this once a week will result in an increasingly more youthful appearance in your face and neck.