PARENTS BEWARE: What You See is Not Gummy Candies – This is a New Dangerous Drug

Unfortunately, the black market is “enriched” with a completely new drug. It comes with an attractive name – strawberry met.

It looks just like jelly or rubber candy and it has the same pleasant smell like strawberry. Make sure that your children are aware of this fact.

This vicious drug is regular crystal meth spiced up with strawberry aroma and it can lead to fatalities.

Strawberry meth is just another type of methamphetamine, a drug used for decades in the Western countries.

What is even worse is that meth is available in few other forms that might get children confused like chocolate flavor. Tell this to your children because consumption of this drug can lead to serious brain damage and eventually death.

Crystal Meth is one of the most popular synthetic drugs in the United States and European Union. The growing number of addicts that use this drug has already alarmed the authorities, but it seems that they can’t do much about this. Young people are especially prone to taking this drug.


In case people use it for a long period of time, they will experience psychological and organic problems. Meth comes in the form of powder or tiny crystals and this is why it is also known as ice. Meth can be taken intravenously (with a syringe), orally, by smoking and sniffing. It is very simple to make meth and this is why this drug is so widespread.

This drug triggers specific parts of the brain and after a very short time people develop a psychological and physical dependence that is difficult to stop.


This drug can be produced in improvised, home labs and one gram costs about 77 dollars or 70 Euros. Experts agree that crystal meth is more dangerous and powerful than heroin and cocaine because the reactions that take place in the central nervous system and in the brain are very powerful.

It won’t take much time before the person who takes meth starts to deteriorate physically and mentally, experiences blisters and eczema on every body part and it seems that these people are more vulnerable to HIV too.

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